Are facial steamers healthy?

A facial steamer is a machine that emits a fine mist of water vapour that is applied to the face to provide a selection of skincare benefits. The warm, moist air helps to open up the pores and soften the skin, making it easier to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. Additionally, it can help to increase circulation and lessen wrinkles and fine lines. Some people use facial steamers as part of their regular skincare routine, while others may use them occasionally to help with specific skin concerns. Is it good that use a facial steamer every day?  

Depending on your skin type and concerns, using a facial steamer once or twice a week is normally recommended. If you have sensitive skin, using a facial steamer every day may be too harsh for your skin and could lead to irritation or redness. So, it is essential to use the steamer in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.  

Reasons why people use facial steamers as part of their skincare routine.  

  • Improved blood circulation and give you glowing skin 
  • It helps to open up pores which can make it easier to remove dirt, oil, and makeup. 
  • Hydrates the skin and improves its texture 
  • Creating a calming and soothing experience for your skin 
  • Improves the elasticity of the skin 
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 


There are different types of facial steamers on the market. Making the right product selection can help your skin look better and feel better. We offer the best facial sauna and steamer named, Beurer FS 50 facial sauna and steam inhaler, designed to take care of your sensitive skin. This facial appliance comes with multiple accessories, which include a measuring cup, an aroma container, and a steam attachment. Besides that, it can keep your skin soft, supple, and hydrated.  

Advantageous of Beurer FS 50:  

  • For intensive skin care and inhalation 
  • Facial sauna attachment for cosmetic facial care 
  • Opens pores for more effective cleansing 
  • Moisturises skin 
  • Steam attachment for mouth and nose inhalation 
  • Scent container for aroma application 
  • Continuously adjustable steam output 
  • High-quality aluminium evaporation pans 
  • 2 output levels 
  • Mains operation 


To use a facial steamer, you must fill its aluminium tank with water and turn on the device. Leave it for a few minutes to heat up and starts producing steam. Once the smoke is ready, you can use it by holding it a few inches away from your face. Use it for 10-15 minutes twice a week to improve your skin's appearance. It can be a soothing and beneficial experience to include a facial steamer in your skincare routine.
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