Choosing the Right Non-Contact Thermometer for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Non-Contact Thermometer for Your Needs

In an age where health and hygiene are crucial, having a dependable thermometer is critical. The Beurer FT 85 non-contact thermometer is an excellent choice for daily use at home, in healthcare, or for public safety. Beurer, known for its pioneering medical devices, created the FT 85 non-contact thermometer to deliver precise, sanitary, and user-friendly temperature measuring.

Why Opt for a Non-Contact Thermometer?

Non-contact thermometers have surged in popularity due to their numerous advantages:

Hygiene: These thermometers do not require direct skin contact, reducing cross-contamination danger. This is especially important in settings where numerous people need to be screened.

Convenience: Non-contact thermometers provide quick readings without waking a sleeping kid or patient.

Versatility: They can measure both body temperature and the temperature of objects and their surroundings.

The Beurer FT 85 Non-Contact Thermometer: Features and Benefits

Among non-contact thermometers, the Beurer FT 85 non-contact thermometer stands out because of its many features tailored to suit various applications.

All-inclusive Measurement Proficiencies

  • Body temperature: Accuracy: The FT 85 guarantees extremely precise readings of body temperature, with a mere ±0.2°C (34°C-42.2°C) or ±0.4°F (93.2°F-108°F) margin of error.

Speed: Infrared technology is perfect for short screenings since it can measure quickly—in just a few seconds.

  • Ambient Temperature: Keeping an easy eye on the temperature in the room will help to guarantee a cozy and secure setting.

Surface Temperature: 

  • Versatility: Accuracy: ±4% or ±2°C (±4°F) at 0-80°C (32°F-176°F) can be used to check the temperature of a variety of surfaces, including baby bottles, bath water, and more.

Hygienic and Safe

  • No Contact Needed: By measuring temperature without touching the skin, the FT 85 non-contact thermometer significantly reduces the risk of spreading germs and viruses.
  • Measurement Distance: A measuring distance of 2-3 cm ensures that you get accurate readings without getting too close to the person or object.

User-Friendly Design

  • Dual Measurement Units: The thermometer displays readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, catering to user preferences.
  • Temperature Alarm: An audible alarm sounds if the body temperature exceeds 38°C, alerting you to potential fevers promptly.
  • Memory Function: The FT 85 can store up to 60 body temperature readings, allowing for easy tracking of temperature trends over time.
  • Automatic Switch-Off: To conserve battery life, the thermometer automatically powers down when not in use.
  • Acoustic Signal: An optional sound signal when the measurement is complete, ensuring you never miss a reading.

Reliable and Durable

Medical Device Certification: The FT 85 non-contact thermometer has been certified to fulfill stringent medical standards, confirming its dependability and safety for clinical use.

Five-Year Warranty: Beurer offers a five-year warranty for the FT 85 non-contact thermometer, giving customers peace of mind and consistency regarding its robustness.

Why the Beurer FT 85 non-contact thermometer is the Right Choice

When choosing a non-contact thermometer, it is critical to consider accuracy, convenience of use, and safety. The Beurer FT 85 non-contact thermometer excels in all of these categories, making it an excellent choice for families, healthcare professionals, and anybody who needs accurate temperature readings.

For Families

Without inflicting pain, parents can easily and securely take their child's temperature. Its practicality is increased by the capacity to measure surface and ambient temperatures, guaranteeing that the bathwater or nursery is at a safe temperature.

For Medical Practitioners

The FT 85 non-contact thermometer is perfect for clinical environments where numerous patients need to be screened swiftly and safely due to its clean, no-contact design. Consistent and trustworthy patient monitoring is supported by its accuracy and memory function.

For general use

The FT 85's versatility and ease of use make it suitable for anyone. This thermometer is suitable for monitoring your health, maintaining the safety of your house, or testing the temperature of various objects.


Anyone who values their health and safety should invest in a high-quality non-contact thermometer such as the Beurer FT 85 non-contact thermometer. Its complete features, such as rapid and accurate measurements, hygienic construction, and an easy-to-use interface, make it an indispensable tool for modern living. Choose the Beurer FT 85 non-contact thermometer for a dependable, effective, and versatile temperature-measuring solution that fulfills all of your requirements. Shop Now

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