Sleep and Health: Sleep Duration Affect Our Well-Being !

Sleep is an important aspect of our daily life and essential for maintaining our physical        and mental well-being. The body itself can heal and regenerate while sleeping, putting us in a better state of mind for the following day. The amount of sleep we need depends on especially on one's age. Although a person must have minimum of 7-8 hours sleep in a day. 
The majority of people are concerned about why they aren't getting enough sleep. The answer lies in their daily lifestyle regimen, which includes- 

Mental and Physical Conditions: Stress, anxiety, depression 
Environmental Factors: Noise, Light, and Climatic Conditions 

Lifestyles: working night shifts, using electronic devices before bed, having medical conditions and consuming caffeine or alcohol. 

Lack of sleep can lead one to serious health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even early death. Now you can develop a good sleep habit by maintaining a consistent sleep with Beurer Sleep Blanket. 

Yes, cold season or temperature change can also make it hard to fall asleep which leads your body tired and sick. There you need a comfortable heated-blanket, which keeps you warm during cold winter nights, or for people with cold feet or poor circulation. One of the most comfortable heat-blanket you can buy is Beurer UB under blanket. 

  • These breathable mattresses are curated with soft and comforting teddy bear fabric. It is extra-large in size and has two controllers so that the heat can be distinguished on each side. The controller is embedded with LED lights, and there are 4 temperature settings. 
  • It can easily accommodate two individuals, and it also has the flexibility of temperature regulation on either side, for letting you choose your own personal heat setting.
  • There are 2 zones within this mattress, equipped with 4 temperature regulation settings respectively. The mattress also switches off automatically after approximately 12 hours.

Buy this German Engineered Blanket to make your everyday sleep more comfortable than before. 

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